Meeting: Heinz Stücke. World’s most driven man



Heinz Stücke (*1940) meets me in front of his house in Hövelhof near Paderborn, Germany, where he is finally settling down after 51 years on the road, without ever returning home in the meantime.


The total distance driven on his bicycles was more than 650.000 kilometers. Or 16 times around the globe on a straight line.


This is one of the bicycles he keeps on display in his private museum.


And many other bike parts, souvenirs, curios, roadside finds and of course 1000s of fotos.


Heinz was featured in many media, including a cover story in Germany’s BUNTE. He got only one negative press article (;art145861,2379951) by Germany’s most average mainstream journalist, Hermann Beckfeld of RUHR Nachrichten (= DIARRHEA news), a sad, bitter and envious hack who obviously wishes he would have led a slightly better life than seeing his unfulfilled dreams rott slowly in an office cubicle.


Heinz Stücke is Germany’s and the world’s most traveled man according to the criteria of


Heinz Stücke’s book: “Home is elsewhere”

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