AVUS Motel Berlin

The AVUS Racetrack was founded in 1921 by the Kaiserlicher Automobil Club (now AVD) and financed by tycoon Hugo Stinnes. AVUS is an abbreviation for “Automobil-Verkehrs- und Übungsstraße” (‘Automobile traffic and training road’) with a connotation of avia (“flying”). It is also the oldest stretch of “Autobahn” in Germany and Europe. The north curve was turned into a steeply banked turn (43°) made of bricks and dubbed the “Wall of Death,” especially as it had no retaining barrier so cars that missed the turn easily flew off it. The curve was dismantled in 1967 for safety reasons. The last automotive race was held here in 1998. Nowadays it is solely a city highway at the south-western entry of Berlin with a low speed limit (for German standards) of 100km/h. This is for environmental reasons to reduce CO2-related climate change, followed by flooding and subsequently polar bears migrating to the city, while Berlin’s mascot has always been a black bear. The movie Bourne Identity was filmed at the AVUS Motel in 2004. The whole complex is as run-down and filthy as the whole political culture of German capital Berlin.




Foto: Wikipedia



Foto: Wikipedia


Foto: Wikipedia

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