Dogsledding in Shitsbergen

-20 °C


To Longyearbyen Airport, Spitsbergen, from Oslo, on Norwegian Air Shuttle or SAS


The mountains that gave the Germanic name to Spitsbergen (“pointed mountains”).


Arrival at Longyearbyen Airport, Spitsbergen, Svalbard. BEWARE …


… a Norwegian special zone with autonomous Russian administered areas (Barentsburg, Pyramiden). TAX FREE …


… FULL OF SHIT: “Take off your shoes and leave your guns outside!”

Many of the MIGRANT WORKERS carry guns – against icebears, or to shoot fece in their faces, out of frustration …


Especially at the worst chain hotel in Europe – Middle East – Africa: the Radisson Spitsbergen,

owned by the HurtigROTTEN, pardon me Hurtigruten company, a complete disgrace to the Carlson Rezidor Group.

Norway? No way!


the worst fece face (source: wikipedia)

Norway is only for the mediocre mass tourists and middle class merchants. Sorry, but I want excellence, quality and service, not communism, bland gastronomy and prole attitudes.


Longyearbyen impressions after midnight in April (the sun never sets)


When the dawgs get out to play


A happy first time musher


Beautiful ride …


… through the valleys and mountains

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