A beautiful and friendly country to visit

Our hotel choices in Iran (there are no real high end accomodations unfortunately).

Hotel Sepehr*****, Tehran

Hotel “Hilton” Esteghlal****, Tehran (the former Hilton, not much renovated since)

Hotel Homa***, Mashad


Tehran (Source: wikipedia)

I have to say it:

The most professional and most accomodating of any consulates in the world has been the Iranian Consulate in Munich.

I twice had to get my visa there.

A beautiful building in Munich’s best area with a large “Welcome” sign.

One machine for coffee, one for juices and softdrinks, one for copies, one for passport fotos.

A television in the waiting area showing national TV, with English undertitles featuring “Nuclear Breaking News” :-))

The service is quick, efficient and very friendly.

Open every work day.

Their website features well-selected quotes of poets and thinkers and thereby indicates a high national affinity for education, culture and civility.

If all consulates would be run as professionally as the Iranian Consulate in Munich, travelling would be a lot easier !

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