Mystery in Prague: the Goylem and the Cemetery


In this “Old New Synagogue” in Prague’s Josefstadt …


… lies the Golem, in Yiddish: Goylem, which is an artificially created dumb servant, a “goy made of lehm (mud)”, originally “brought to life” by Rabbi Yehuda Löw in the 16th century.


The Golem is buried and hidden up to today behind this attic door …


… marked with a hexagram … which later became the sign of the Zionist movement.


This is what a Golem is made for … a servant …


… as seen by the rolling advertisement of the King Solomon Restaurant Prague. Spot the writing on the Golem’s forehead: emeth = truth, meth = death. Kabbalistic signs used by Rabbi Löw to give and take the Golem’s life.

“The truth will set you free”


Screenshot_2021-01-13 In Illuminati-founder Adam Weishaupt’s hometown Ingolstadt

There is a related story from Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati hometown Ingolstadt: the creation of “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley, at the Ingolstadt Hohe Schule (Foto above).

Goethes Zauberlehrling

And of course Goethe’s “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (Wikipedia drawing with strong symbolism above). Goethia means Horror. Schiller means Shill. Both friends were Illuminati members too.



Lots of tourist tinnef around.


This is a monumet to Rabbi Yehuda Löw …


… an ancestor of the Prague Oppenheimers, and the “creator” of the Golem who is celebrated – by some – for his strange story.


There is a Darth Vader inspiration nearby.


And other strange creatures.


The clocks go differently …


… in symbol-riddled Prague (here a Jew Hat inside a hexagram).


The Jewish Cemetery in Prague’s Judenstadt, later called Josefstadt after Emperor Josef, …


… with the Cohen’s greeting (well known from Captain Spock) …


… a spooky place …


… that gave rise to myths …


… and fictional and factional books …


… in particular about Rabbi Löw …


… whose grave – with the lion sign – can be seen here …


… but also to other stories like the “secret meeting” of the Elders of Zion …


… described in the famous book by Umberto Eco.

Silent movie “Der Golem” by Paul Wegener (1920)




GOLEM: the goy (cattle) is made of lehm (mud), a useful idiot like the general masses (theodisk, tysk, tedesco, teuto, teuton, tuatha, (i)diot, douch, deutsch), dumb and numb (nemec, niemcy, arab: ajan) like the Germans (germs) or general public (all men = Allemand, Alman, Alemannen).




Screenshot_2019-06-06 Golem - WikipediaScreenshot_2019-06-06 Golem – Wikipedia

(Source: Wikipedia)



Bereshit (בְּרֵאשִׁית‎): “In [the] beginning [of something]” (in Old Hebrew & Aramaic)

Ἐν ἀρχῇ ἦν ὁ λόγος.
En archē ēn ho logos. “In the beginning (of the reign) was the Word” (in Greek)

Abracadabra = Creation through Words (in Latin “open the cadaver / dead body”?)

Screenshot_2021-01-13 abracadabra golem – Google Suche

A recursive Word Magic … Give Life & Give Death

Magic to conjure a Golem


The Golem and Tikkun Olam (Establish the World Order) or Olam Haba (The World to come):

Aleinu today includes the phrase “le-taqen olam” לתקן עולם (to fix the world)*, some scholars suggest that the original text had “le-taken olam” לתכן עולם (spelled with a kaf, not a quf). While the verb t-q-n can mean to fix, repair, prepare, or establish, the meaning of t-k-n would more strictly mean to establish, yielding the interpretation “to establish a world under the kingdom of God.” In either case, Aleinu originally would have meant to establish God’s (or more specifically, YHVH’s) sovereignty over the whole world. (Source: Wikipedia)

* compare Adam Kadmon, in Turkish: tekin = safe


ABRACADABRA song from “The Golem Psalms” by Ellen Frankel:
Avra ke-davra.
Thus spoke my master,
Judah Loew,
the Maharal,
the lion-hearted rabbi of Prague.
I will create as I speak.
In the beginning God created,
b’resheet bara.
So did Rabbi Judah wrest me from the mud of the Moldau,
and circling seven times,
bring me to life.
Alef, bet, gimel, dalet, hay, vav, zayin.
Eyns, tsvey, dray, fier, finef, zeks, zibn.
Seven gates, seven planets, seven earths, seven heavens,
Seven lands, seven rivers, seven seas and seven deserts,
Seven days, seven weeks, seven years, Jubilee.
Shabbat, Shavuot, shiva, seven-branched menorah.
Avra ke-davra.
my skin of mud glowed red with blood,
my lungs drew air, I sprouted hair.
Yet still I was but cold, dead clay, until–
My master etched upon my brow:
Emet, Truth–
I breathed,
and knew life.


Conjuring a Golem Army

Screenshot_2021-01-13 Golem - My Jewish Learning



Harvesting the Steppe of the Slavic peoples: the Golem – a slave

Screenshot_2021-01-13 Prague - Wikipedia

(Source: Wikipedia)


Prague was the center of a Cold War between two Golems


Other interesting historic sites abound in Prague, like the Hotel Jalta …


… which housed an important bunker and Soviet secret service headquarter after World War II.

Plus ca change, plus ca reste le meme.

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