“Old” Liberia

Trying to rise from the ashes of “Blood Diamond” and “Lord of War”

My first visit to Liberia (2009).

Spent an interesting week in Monrovia. Met ministers and other top-players. Learnt about Charles Taylor, Samuel Doe, Prince Johnson, Georges Weah… Flew with President Sirleaf-Johnson. Plus visited the countryside up to the border of Sierra Leone.

There are plenty of opportunities in Liberia these days. But the “old” system is still lurking …

Best Hotel: RLJ Kendeja ***** (halfway between airport and downtown) or Mamba Point **** (downtown)

Paris. Meeting "The Ambassador".

Paris. Meeting “The Ambassador”.


Mads Brügger’s movie “The Ambassador” (2012) targets the “old” Liberia but hurts the honest efforts of “new” Liberians.

UN Checkpoint near Liberia - Sierra Leone border. Meeting Taylor's former ambassador, minister, warlord.

UN Checkpoint near Liberia – Sierra Leone border. Meeting Taylor’s former ambassador, minister, warlord.


Previous meeting with AC Milan soccer star and later Liberian presidential candidate Georges Weah (1995).

Trailer: “Blood Diamond” (2006) with Leonardo Di Caprio by Warner Bros.

Trailer: “Lord of War” (2005) with Nicholas Cage by Lionsgate

Interesting documentary about (possibly) the “real Lord of War” Wiktor But:

Das private Filmarchiv des Waffenhändlers Wiktor But (click)

Interesting document:

UN Travel Ban & Asset Freeze List for Liberia

Great song: When the dawgs come out to play …

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