Panamericana (1) Searching for bullion shit in the US

Drove from Montreal to Panama …

… through a rogue, lawless, totally UNFREE police-state, at war with itself.

A warzone without a cause. But a cabal.

I followed the money trail.


First stop after entering the US from Montreal:
The Mount Washington Resort ***** in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire where the IMF and World Bank were created in 1944
Source: Wikipedia


Past Boston to the Skull & Bones secret society building (of the Bush family fame) at Yale University, New Haven, Massachussets

Best hotel: The Study at Yale ****/*


Sitting Bull-shit: the clean facade of the “Native American Game” at Mohegan Sun Casino*****, Indian Reserve, Connecticut
One of the special “luck camps” that certainly made a millionaire out of every Indian. A most credible vehicle to whitewash sins of the past.
Source: Wikipedia


The 911 Memorial in Manhattan, New York with the new “Freedom Tower” in the background (still not finished). Biggest “collateral damage” in US history (at least in statistics that don’t count Native Indians or African Slaves).


“Ground Zero” a term nuclear scientists gave to atomic bomb craters – before 911


The Federal Reserve in New York stores the US and other nations gold reserves (or not) right next to the former World Trade Center


A degree of irony. 33 Liberty Street. Befitting address of the Fed.


The vault at the Fed


A sculpture by Carl Reuterswärd called “Non-Violence” in front of the United Nations building in New York. It faces in the wrong direction (westward).


At the White House in Washington D.C.


The amazing route of one 911 attack aircraft, downhill through lanterns, streetsigns, trees and cables into the Pentagon


Impact zone in the Pentagon (left, whiter material). Now a 911 Memorial. Coincidentally, the Pentagon construction was started on September 11, 1941. (3 months BEFORE Pearl Harbour !) One wonders who ordered the 60 year anniversary fireworks. BTW: the inside area was called “ground zero café” from the beginning.


A real passenger plane (center) approaching Washington Reagan Airport, right above the Pentagon. Every few minutes.


Conspiracy made this former Washington hotel worldfamous


Many other conspiracies originated in the lobby of the Willard Interconti *****, possibly giving birth to the term “lobbying”

Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel


One of the hundreds of thousands war-monger monuments in the US. The Iwo Jima Memorial, Washington D.C.
Along the highways, the majority of road signs was either for fast food “restaurants” – or for war related stuff.


The Greenbrier Resort ***** (and former Cold War bunker) in the Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia
Source: Wikipedia


The Jekyll Island Club Hotel ***** where the Federal Reserve, a privately owned banking enterprise, was born in 1910


Fort Knox garrison …


… guarding the US (and other nations) gold bullion (or not).


At just another war glorifying junta museum near Fort Knox.


A Golem serving the Gotham kings. Without the military and police state (incl. the obnoxious and useless border & airport controls), half the US would be jobless. Road scene in Fort Knox.


The Gold Vault Inn **/* in Fort Knox


The innocence of art in the US countryside. At the 21c Museum Hotel ***** in Louisville, Kentucky.



Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel *** in Memphis


The former “black-only” Motel Lorraine (now a museum), also in Memphis, where system-enemy Martin Luther King was executed in 1968.
Source: Wikipedia


Metropolis, Illinois, fictional birthplace of a Superhero from Gotham City


That really is an obnoxious country to travel through: unfriendliest border controls in the world (“answer yes or no. Yes or no, only.”). Total police state (travel mate had to knee down before a cop). Arbitrary police behaviour. No rule of law. War memorials and junta garrisons everywhere. Paramilitary playgrounds. Guns galore (“we rent machine guns”). Bad ass bumper stickers (“Defeat the enemy. No mercy, no quarter.”) Deceitful language upside down (“collateral damage”, “pre-emptive strike”, “conspiracy theory”, “freedom”, “nanny state”). Paternalistic attitude creating sheep-like masses (“Wait to be seated”). Cameras ubiquituous. Orwellian loudspeaker messages. TSA patdowns …

For lack of other perspectives, they have created a new enemy and turned against their own people. Many state organs are breaking their own constitution, and international conventions, and basic morals, and “unalienable” rights … every day … and the masses shock-freeze or choose to be collaborators.

Once upon a time … “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”


“Grassy knoll”, a war theatre in Dallas where the first part of the two Kennedys’ assassinations was staged. Curtain …
Source: Wikipedia


Movie: The Manchurian Candidate. Source: Wikipedia.

We’re all living in Amerika … Amerika is wunderbar … This is not a love song. (Rammstein)


Huge billboards before the Mexican border: “Laredo is safe”


Street scene between Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey in Northern Mexico.

Another US export. But still friendlier and better than in the homeland …

Panamericana Part 2 … (click)

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