Roadtrip Russia (1) Murmansk – Machackala – Magadan

Our objective was to see as many Russian republics, oblasts, krais and other entities as possible … driving by car … all the way from Murmansk (Arctic Ocean) to Machackala (Caspian Sea) to Magadan (Pacific Ocean).

The total distance driven on this trip was almost 20.000km.

My total distance driven within Russia is now above 40.000km.

Trip map:

Finished segments: (please click)

(2) East Front to Stalingrad

.…. Northern Caucasus (previous trip)

.…. Chechnya and Dagestan (previous trip)

.…. Stalingrad and Astrakhan (previous trip)

(3) North Front to Murmansk

(4) TransSiberia to Chita

(5) Highway from Hell & Road of Bones to Magadan

and later

On Stalin’s “Dead Road” above the Polar Circle

Offroad: Altai – Khakassia Track – Tuva

Manpupuner – Siberia’s 7 Giants and 7th World Wonder

Road to Anabar. World’s Northernmost Dead-End !

Please see also my compilation:

ZIMNIK – Ice Roads in Russia

The quality of life in Russia is pretty good these days:

excellent roads, hotels, food and nightlife even in some remote places (but not always).

Beautiful girls. Relatively friendly police. Hardly any tourists.

The feeling of freedom is much higher than – for example – in the US.

( P.S.: bringing lots of Rubles and a little Russian will help ! )

Excellent website by Russian tour guide and former paratrooper Mikhail Rybochkin:
Roadtrips Across Russia.


With Mikhail Rybochkin and the world’s most traveled man, Charles Veley, at Lake Kezenoy on the mountain border between Dagestan and Chechnya (2014). (Foto: Michael Runkel)

Our car:


A 12-year-old Mercedes ML 320, modified with anti-tank armouring and stealth-button …

sorry for smiling about other traveller’s pre-trip-preparations …

actually we didn’t even test-drive it before the < € 5.000 purchase 😉

Kilometer Zero


Stone Marker at the Kremlin in Moscow

Europe-Asia crossing


Monument in the Urals


Overview of the federal subjects of Russia:


Source: Wikipedia

Overview of highways in Russia:


Source: Wikipedia


Overview of ice roads (zimnik) and other extreme roads in Russia


Overview of Kolyma Highway and “Road of Bones”:


Sections 1 – 6 is the new all-year maintained Kolyma Highway M56
Section 7 is the unmaintained classic core part of the “Road of Bones”, passing the “Pole of Cold” at Oymyakon / Tomtor

Source: Colebatch of the great Sibirsky Extreme on Advrider forum

Overview of railways in Russia:


Source: Wikipedia

Overview of airports in Russia:


Source: Our Airports

List of Russia’s busiest airports: Wikipedia

Overview of hotels in Russia:

All Russia Hotels

Bronevik Hotels

Overview of Russia, including major rivers


Foto of Wall Map inside Magadan Sokol Airport

large_600px-Sibe..verroutemap.png large_Europ_isch..serscheiden.png

Siberian River Routes & European Watersheds (Source: Wikipedia)

For the advanced Russia traveler there is value in studying the old trans-continental portages (“volok”), waterways and watersheds, like the Valdai Hills Watershed (Volga -> Caspian, Dniepr -> Black, Western Dvina -> Baltic Sea), Gnezdovo, Cherdyn Route, the Babinov Road, the Pechora-Kama Canal, the Khazarian Way, or the Grand Siberian Route.

Our car finally in Magadan:


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