Roadtrip Russia (3) World War North Front to Murmansk

2.000 km from St. Petersburg via Murmansk to Kirkenes (then another 550 km to the Nordkapp)


The Kola Highway M18 leading north from St. Petersburg to Murmansk. Roads in Russia are usually well maintained and icefree. Much better than in the neighbouring Baltics and Scandinavia.


In beautiful Karelia, at frozen Lake Onega, Russia’s lifeline to St. Petersburg during the siege in WW II


Special winter diesel for the cold temperatures


After crossing the Polar Circle, the sun never rises above the horizon in part of January


Murmansk used to be a closed city for foreigners in the Cold War


At the Arctic Hotel Murmansk, apparently the biggest building above the Polar Circle, currently being refurbished.


Part of the huge harbour of Murmansk with its fleet of atomic icebreakers


Continuing towards Kirkenes in Norway, the road is lined with huge military installations on both sides. This area was the only direct European border between Nato and Russia – and one of the biggest theatres in WW II.

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