The Roki way to South Ossetia

Former Georgian region, and after the 2008 war now quasi-independent South Ossetia. Currently cannot be accessed from the Georgian side near Gori. I tried, and after a thorough interrogation by the Georgian MGB was turned away. The only way in and out of the country is from Russia, taking the Transkam road from Vladikavkaz through the Roki Tunnel (ca. 1 hour drive).

Russia double-entry visa and South Ossetia online visa required !!!


Map of South Ossetia


Transkam road up from Vladikavkaz


An old fortified Caucasian message tower


Monument to freedom fighter Kosta


Inside the modernized Roki Tunnel



On the South Ossetian side after the Roki Tunnel


South Ossetian Coat of Arms (Wikipedia)


The monument to the victims of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, in the capital Tskhinvali (Wikipedia)


Spassiba Rossiya (Thank you Russia !)


Finnish movie director Renny Harlin (Die Hard, Cliffhanger, Nightmare on Elm Street) filmed the rather propagandistic Hollywood movie “Five days of War / Five days in August” about the 2008 US-Russian War in South Ossetia. Released in 2011.


With Renny Harlin at the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1997

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