A Traveller de luxe at Ernst Jünger’s house in Swabia

P_20191012_141505 b

Under the spell of Jünger’s private collection of literature, travel memorabilia and personally delivered bulletholes to the helmet of English soldiers (WW1).


Ernst Jünger (1895-1998) is arguably Germany’s most unerring writer, he was definitely the most manly, and – attaining age 102 – he was certainly the bravest.

I became attracted to Jünger’s lonely elitism as a healing for today’s “war against our minds:  Culture Marxism, Social Credit Bolshevism, Sorositism, Gender Bending, Merkel’s Secretariat for Agitation & Migration, Greta’s Green Khmer … these are all elaborate psy-ops, fake narratives or blunt lies, which have always been the evil prerequisites for designing real wars, the “Storms of Steel” that formed Ernst Jünger’s personal fate & fame.



“I hate democracy like the plague.”

“When among fellahs, organise in small elites.”

“I take no more part in politics. I withdraw myself. My bridge between present and future is meditation.”

“One can not strive today in the company of Germans, one must do it alone like a man who breaks the jungle with his machete and only has one hope that somewhere in the thicket others are doing the same work.”


P_20191013_120420Jünger’s most important contribution is the metahistoric figure of the “Anarch”, an ideal figure of a sovereign individual, conceived in his novel “Eumeswil”, evolved from “Waldgänger” (The Forest Passage), by influence of Max Stirner (The Ego and Its Own), concentrated in the letter “W”, the sign of German spiritual resistance.




315_19_juenger_1985_Mitt_WEBJünger has been defamed by the current BRD regime, but honoured by foreign peoples, and their heads of state, like Francois Mitterand (in 1985 and 1993) and Felipe Gonzalez (in 1990) with their birthday visits to Ernst Jünger, alongside Helmut Kohl.

Foto: Ernst Jünger Haus Website



Screenshot_2019-10-13 Wilflingen


The Ernst Jünger Haus is part of the Stauffenberg family castle in Wilflingen, 100 km south of Stuttgart, the capital city of Swabia (and the Bundesland Baden-Württemberg).




This is the famous library where Ernst Jünger hosted his guests.


A man larger than life!


A Traveller de Luxe …


… who collected countries …


… curios …


… and cafards (a term also applied to the occasional depressive state among soldiers of the French Foreign Legion).


Jünger had enlisted in the Foreign Legion at age 18, but was quickly bailed out by his father (an affluent pharmacist). Later he fought Germany’s enemies in WW1, where he survived at least seven hits by bullets or shrapnel, and in WW2, escaping a death sentence for his role on the periphery of the Stauffenberg coup.


The secret to a long life:  “Immer jünger” Weizenkeim-Knoblauch-Ölkapseln mit Rutin, “Schwedentrunk” Elixier ad longam vitam … and a cold bath in steel razorblades every morning.


Or even better: a pack of Dunhill per day.


P.S.: If you travel to Wilflingen, don’t miss nearby Pyrene, Germany’s oldest (un-)known city.

Screenshot_2019-10-14 Heuneburg


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