Inside Varosha Ghost Town + Louroujina Pocket + Kokkina Exclave, on the Atilla Line, Turkish Cyprus

The 180km long United Nations Buffer Zone aka Atilla Line or Green Line divides Cyprus

(Source: and own)

There are 330.000 ethnic Turks living in the unrecognised “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, and 1.300.000 ethnic Greek living in the UN-recognised Greek “Republic of Cyprus” in the South.

After being predominantly Greek or Byzantian since ancient times, Cyprus received their first Turkic inhabitants in 1571, when the Ottomans took over* from the Venetian occupiers (Venice was weakened by the plague, imported by slave trader ships from Ghazaria / Crimea, and weakened by the cost of financing Luther’s protestant attack* against Germans).

After their WW1, the British took control over the island, and after their WW2 the British persecuted Jews in their two British concentration camps in Karaolos and Dhekelia (Never heard of that? Go figure!)

In order to keep their geostrategic presence in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the Dhekelia Military Base and Akrotiri Spy Station, the British occupiers then started their typical colonial divide-and-rule tactics, in this case agitating Greeks against Turks.

This provocation resulted in the 1974 War, a Turkish ethnic protection invasion (similar to Germany reacting against Poland 1939) that drove a wedge through the island, the “Green Zone”, a no-man’s-land, watched over since 46 years by the UN, with unique ghost, buffer and exclave areas, such as Varosha (Maras), Louroujina (Akincilar) and Kokkina (Erenköy).

I was fortunate to enter Varosha shortly before the official re-opening on November 15th, 2020.

Varosha (Maras)

The re-opening of Varosha started step by step on 8. October and 15. November 2020.

Meeting with the President of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus Ersin Tatar in the divided capital Nicosia (Lefkosa)

Louroujina (Akincilar)

The road to the Louroujina pocket leads south from Ercan International Airport. North Cyprus’ most famous businessman Asil Nadir (Polly Peck scandal) is the owner of Gecit Kale Air Base (military and private jets only).

Kokkina (Erenköy)

Kokkina / Erenköy is only accessible for Turkish officials, on their battle remembrance day, once a year on 8. August, by boat. (I was not there).

My Flight Ercan International Airport to new Istanbul International Airport

Smart travel, with minimal luggage – and now also minimising the chicanery of the criminal Covid-1984 regime. Brave New World! (In the background you can see 3 different companies doing the Propaganda-Chain-Reaction PCR-Test through the nose within 3-4 hours for € 25.)

Wait … I missed to describe my surprised view on the new IST Airport when I arrived from the highway for the first time:

1453 atmosphere. Foto taken at the Bosphorus in Bebek at 7 a.m.

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