German: ‘Weltmann’

193 Countries. 20 Years F1. Every War Theatre.

Uncounted Cigars with Interesting People.

Views my own: Offroad + Close-Combat, not Tele-Vision!

Wikipedia: Kolja Spori


Systematic Travel to 206 independent states.

Member of „Most Traveled People“ and „The Best Travelled“.

Founder of „Extreme Traveler International Congress“ – ETIC.

Author of „Ich war überall“ (Amazon Nr. 1 Bestseller).

BBC „Travel Pioneer“ 2016


Foreign Residences:

Istanbul (6 years Deutsche Schule), Madrid (Parents, Language Course), Astana (Parents), Martinique (6 months Competitive Windsurfing ), Kuala Lumpur (6 months AIESEC-Internship Banking), Brussels (6 months Internship EU and later Business), Los Angeles (4 months Studies at UCLA and Internship Hollywood), Auckland (4 months America’s Cup), Monaco


Visits to Crisis Areas:

Belfast (2004), Kosovo (2005), Westsahara/Burkina/Niger (2007), Transnistria (2008), Nagorno-Karabach (2008), D.R.Congo/Ruanda/Burundi (2009), Angola (2009), Liberia (2009), Kirgistan/Usbekistan/Tadschikistan (2009), Chechnya (2009 etc.), Abchasia (2010), Dagestan (2010), Mazar-i-Sharif/Afghanistan (2010), Westbank/Palestine (2010), Somali Refugee Camps in Dadaab (2011), Somaliland (2011 and 2017), Djibouti (2011), South Sudan (2011), Benghazi (2011), Guyana (2011), Medellin (2011), Haiti (2011), Mexiko (2010, 2011 and 2012), Guatemala/El Salvador/Honduras (2012), Casamance (2013), Mali (2013), North Irak (2008 and 2014),  South Ossetia (2014), Kobane (2014), East Timor (2015), Papua New Guinea (2015), Donezk (2015), Bosaso/Puntland (2017), Mogadishu/Somalia (2017), North Korea (2018), Krim/Donezk (2018), Mleeta/Lebanon (2018), Baghdad (2018), Aleppo (2019), ex-FARC Republic Marquetalia/Colombia (2020).


Polar Travels:

North Pole Marathon (2015), Antarctica (2020).

Expedition Drives to Nordkapp in Winter, followed by 20.000 km Trans-Sibiria from Murmansk to the „Pole of Cold“ in Oymyakon at -62°C and on the „Road of Bones“ to Magadan, along Stalin’s „Dead Track“ of the Polar Railway in Yamal-Nenetsia, from the Altai Mountains over the „Khakassia-Track“ to Tuva, by Snowmobile to the mythical „Manpupuner“ in Komi Republic, as well as first foreigners on the „Anabar Ice Road“ to the northernmost dead-end in the world.


Special Expertise:

Historic Hotels. Crisis Areas and Geopolitics. Turkology. Russian Geography, in particular Caucasus, Sibiria (Zimnik) and Polar Regions.