Dark Tourist or Bright Traveler ?


Welcome ... to the other side ! (Foto above taken in Bhutan, the gross happiness dictatorship) - "Dark Tourist" is a deliberate propaganda word, to discredit those brighter travelers who refuse to be programmed by television and take an effort to see reality for themselves. "Dark Tourists" go to Miami, Mallorca, or the Military. Bright … Continue reading Dark Tourist or Bright Traveler ?

Who is a sophisticated traveler?

The meaning of "sophistication" has its ancient roots in Greek: sophia = wisdom. In the days of classical beauty, wisdom was inherently linked to aesthetics, defined by rational order and harmonious proportions. This was in stark contrast to later medieval gothics (brought by Barbarians) or modern shard deconstructivism (by another tribe from the East), which has found its extreme … Continue reading Who is a sophisticated traveler?

Who is the world’s most traveled person?

29.10.2017 Extreme Travelers Charles Veley, Don Parrish, Harry Mitsidis (@ ETIC 2017 in Liberland) Essay: Who is the world’s most traveled person? And how did “country collecting” evolve to “systematic travel” by Kolja Spori, Founder of ETIC – Extreme Traveler International Congress As of 2017, more than 530 people have traveled to outer space, but less … Continue reading Who is the world’s most traveled person?

ZIMNIK – Ice Roads in Russia

- 25 Ice Roads [and other Cool Roads] in Russia 1: Archangelsk Zimnik 2: Nenetsia Zimnik 3: Northern Ob Zimnik 4: Transpolarnaya Zimnik "Stalin's Dead Road" 5: Southern Ob Zimnik 6: Tura Circle Zimnik 7: Evenkia Zimnik (to Essei) 8: [Tuva Track] 9: [Khakassia Track] 10: Verkhnemarkovo Zimnik 11: [Vilyuy Trakt] 12. [BAM Road] 13: … Continue reading ZIMNIK – Ice Roads in Russia

RIP PSL -Most Competent Political Journalist & Traveler dies

A true Gentleman ... and Danger Zone Expert ... who visited all UN countries in the world 16.08.2014 "It has always been the prerogative of children and half-wits to point out that the emperor has no clothes. But the half-wit remains a half-wit, and the emperor remains an emperor." Neil Gaiman, Sandman - From Wikipedia … Continue reading RIP PSL -Most Competent Political Journalist & Traveler dies

Top 15 (easy-to-reach) Dangerzone Destinations

19.02.2013 - - 1. Northern Ireland: Belfast peace lines 2. Northern Cyprus: Famagusta / Varosha and Nikosia / Lefkosa border 3. North Korea: group tour to Panmunyom border 4. Israel / Palestine: taxi drive from Amman to Jerusalem incl. Bethlehem or Jericho 5. Transnistria: taxi drive from Chisinau to Odessa 6. Armenia: taxi drive from … Continue reading Top 15 (easy-to-reach) Dangerzone Destinations

Best Danger Travel Websites

23.03.2011 - - Some travellers like it hot ... (Please click on names for direct links) 1. Lightstalkers "The Frontline from your Armchair" Most professional portal and forum, with really valuable infos, by pros for pros. 2. The Velvet Rocket "Rocket Powered" Highly interesting travelblog by UK/American Justin Ames with unique locations and insight. 3. … Continue reading Best Danger Travel Websites